Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of Dulocos' processing from raw material to finished product. Our program is constantly being revised and improved with the continued objective of producing better products and services.

In-process inspection begins with mandatory first-piece inspection every time an operation is started. Parts are sampled and checked to drawing and specification, using inspection tools, gauges and instruments, and applicable approved standards.

The engineers at dulocos work day in and day out to develop their products faster and to make them more reliable. Our customers have always appreciated our deep involvement into their projects, our commitment, integrity and punctuality.

Be it measurement of intricate profiles on a profile projector, or checking the diameter of a die hole, all are measured accurately and consistently.

We follow stringent policy standards to maintain the quality of our measurements:

  • Measurement system analysis as a whole is given importance over just calibration of the instruments.
  • Our machine operators are given regular training on the usage of instruments and gauges.
  • Calibration nd inspection of all measuring equipments is done on a regular basis in Dulocos.

Dulocos has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certification for meeting the internationally recognised ISO Standards

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